TFT Touchscreen


A good TFT LCD display with a high resolution picture and large viewing screen.
7 inches LCD display with touch function.
Large viewing angle.
Fast response time.
Full color display with high quality.
Works perfectly for Raspberry Pi B+/2B Raspberry Pi 3B win 7/8.

1024X600 high resolution
Touch control
Supports Raspberry Pi, comes with Raspbian driver (works with your Raspbian directly), and Ubuntu image
Supports Raspberry Pi B+/2B Raspberry Pi 3 win 7/8
HDMI interface for displaying, USB interface for touch control
Back light control to lower power consumption
Provide the driver for Raspbian.
7inch standard display, 1024 x 600 ultra clear resolution
Capacitive touch screen, maximum support 5 point touch
Support backlight control alone, can turn off backlight to save power
Support standard HDMI interface input
Can be used as a general-purpose HDMI display, such as access to the computer HDMI as a secondary display (resolution output can be adjusted to 1024X600)
As a raspberry pie display, support Raspbian, Ubuntu, Kodi, win10, IOT, single touch, free drive
Used as a computer monitor, support win7, win8 system 5 point touch (XP and older version of the system single touch), free drive



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